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Your Trusted Power Connection Source

B5600PPR-RPA X/P, 400 amp Connector

  • Complies with Title 30 Part 18.41 Code of Federal Regulations X/P 3450-3

  • Complies with Pennsylvania State requirements Pennsylvania approval No. BFE 1078-88

  • Alignment key and slot ensures proper alignment

  • Brass lock ring standard on plug aids in better mechanical advantage

  • Caution: Interlock switch must be used for X/P Certification to be valid

  • Patented (4,033,662) reflective polarity marking system provides safe and easy hook-up

  • All units come with instruction sheet for terminations and packing gland installation

  • Crimp style termination standard

  • The B5600 X/P carries an X/P 3450-3 when electrical interlock switch is in service, no padlock is required

  • Thrust washer standard under lock ring on plug for better mechanical advan-tage

  • Available with interlock switch in plug on series B5800PPA and B5800RRA

  • Available in all brass, add AB to part number to designate all brass

  • Available in solder cup termination, add SC to designate solder cup

  • Patented (4,550,966) removable flange on receptacle reduces downtime and labor costs Note: Locking type set screws furnished. Reapply removable threadlocker on set screws when replacing flange

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